Visualizing 19th-Century New York

We worked with the Bard Graduate Center to design and develop both the digital publication and the in-gallery touchscreen interactives for the exhibition Visualizing 19th-Century New York. This was a first for BGC–in lieu of a traditional printed catalogue, the exhibition objects and essays were instead plotted onto an interactive map (itself an object in the exhibition), adding a layer of contextual richness and interactivity not achievable in print. Two other features–‘Broadway & Ann’ and ‘Behind the Scenes’—explore specific aspects of life in lower Manhattan before the turn of the 19th-century. These two features were adapted to 28” touchscreen displays inside the gallery, which were driven by the same codebase as the website.

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    Supporting images appear in-line or as full-width, the footnotes are interactive, and each essay can be downloaded as PDF.

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