Cyrus Tang Hall of China

CHIPS worked with The Field Museum to create an interactive experience for their recently opened permanent exhibition hall, the Cyrus Tang Hall of China. A mobile web application allows visitors to the exhibition to pull up additional information for many of the exhibition’s 400+ objects—from archival photos, videos, and texts, to maps, 360° views, and infographics. This content is formatted for desktop display as well, expanding the exhibition’s reach to anyone with an internet connection.

  • tfm_mobile_home
  • tfm_desktop_home

The website follows the organization of the galleries; each of the exhibition’s five galleries are presented sequentially, with objects grouped by cases within.

  • tfm_mobile_gallery c
  • tfm_mobile_object c
  • tfm_mobile_object story c

We added a keypad tool in the navigation, along with three-digit labels to the physical cases, to aid in-gallery users in finding a specific object in the exhibition.

  • tfm_keypad_resting c
  • tfm_keypad_invalid c
  • tfm_keypad_valid c

In-gallery interactives and videos were adapted for the website experience. The landscape compositions below are projected on 360° screens in the first gallery of the exhibition; for internet users, these panoramic images are explored by swiping or scrolling.

  • tfm_landscapes

The Qingming Scroll—only a portion of which is shown at a given time in the galleries, due to light sensitivity—is presented online in a zoomable feature with 25 hotspots providing information about specific areas of the scene depicted.

An interactive floorplan provides an alternate means of navigation the exhibition.