The Proposal

Artist Jill Magid’s debut feature The Proposal documents her surreal and riveting quest to gain access to the archives of architect Luis Barragán. We designed titles and the treatment of archival material throughout the film.
  • The Proposal 5

Oscilloscope, 2018

  • The Proposal 3

    Opening title

  • Main on end titles

  • The Proposal 14

    Lower thirds

  • The Proposal 7
  • The Proposal 12

    Place identifiers

  • The Proposal 8
  • The Proposal 19

We worked with Magid to come up with an innovative solution for translating Spanish-language news articles without using subtitles.

We also created a number of animated graphic sequences like the one below, which uses typography to dramatize a request made by Magid and Barragán’s family and its labyrinthine journey through the bureaucracy of the Mexican government.