The Met’s Timeline of Art History

Website development and custom static-site generation scripts for relaunch of The Met’s Timeline of Art History.

We worked with the Met to migrate The Timeline of Art History to a new content management system. For the past decade, The Timeline has been updated using custom Applescripts built on Filemaker Pro databases. All content relationships were manually maintained in both directions, and the Filemaker database stored all link information as HTML, inline. Our goal was to bring modern publishing tools and a smooth workflow to the team at The Met. We selected WordPress as the new content management system.

  • essay cms comparison

    Content organization before/after

The editorial process for maintaining content on the site is quite ambitious. To assist the website editors, we built a number of reports for editors to review, flag, and monitor text changes.

  • stat overview
  • sample report

    Sample reporting tools for editors.

Custom publishing scripts were created to generate static HTML files, matching the legacy URL structure. We gave editors the ability to publish to multiple environments by changing a setting in the WordPress admin area. For the first time, editors can publish directly to the production site without the assistance of a developer.

  • timeline filters screen

    Editors have the ability to republish the entire site, or specific sections.