Creative Capital

Creative Capital has supported innovative and adventurous artists across the country through funding, counsel, & career development services for 20 years. Their new identity represents their diverse and active community in a variable, constantly changing logotype that’s anchored by C figures made of collections of individual points and shapes.

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The new Creative Capital website showcases the 562 projects by 691 artists that Creative Capital has funded since its inception alongside its artist workshops and professional development efforts. At the core of the site are pages for each of the 562 projects funded by Creative Capital. These pages are directly tied to their creators via a digital “author flap” that overlays project information with biographical info for each artist.

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This deep well of Project and Artist records is filterable in a variety of ways, and the results themselves are able to be viewed “by Project” or “by Artist” via a toggle switch. Each Theme, Discipline, and Award Year has an optional space for descriptive text, as well, which allows Creative Capital to provide more information to users about just how they’re organizing their index.

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Creative Capital held their retreat—a gathering of their awardees and arts professionals—in June 2019. We expanded our initial identity work to include a range of event collateral: from presentation introduction slides and name badges to yard signs and totes.

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    Retreat photographs by Carlos David.

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