82nd & Fifth

CHIPS designed and developed a website for the series 82nd & Fifth for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The series features one hundred curators from across the Museum; each was invited to talk about one work of art from the Met’s collection that changed the way they see the world. Eleven Museum photographers interpret their vision: one work, one curator, two minutes at a time. Each episode is accompanied by a unique interactive feature.

  • The opening animation was used to feature details of artworks from the next week’s episodes ahead of their release

Each “Watch” episode is comprised of a succession of still images arranged and maintained in Drupal, and presented via Javascript. CHIPS built a set of tools in the Drupal admin area that simulated those found in video editing software, allowing the team at the museum to create and edit each episode in a web browser.

  • 82 5_watch_1
  • 82 5_watch_2

    Here, ‘Timing and transition” is set to crossfade between images over the course of .5 seconds.

The “Explore” portion of each episode is composed of a unique interactive feature, two of which are shown here. The left screen shows a tool that allows users to compare three versions of a drypoint etching by Rembrandt by dragging a slider left-right. In the right example, a timed audio slideshow illustrates the segments that make up the calligraphic emblem of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent.

  • 82 5_explore_1
  • 82 5_explore_2

The site was designed and developed with touch-devices in mind. The layouts are fully responsive and feature device-specific interface considerations, like changing the wording in the helper text below from “mouse” to “finger”.

  • 82 5_responsive_1
  • 82 5 ipad
  • Trailer created for the series ahead of the series launch.

The web feature was adapted as an iPad app at the end of the series. Available in twelve languages, the app allows users to download episodes (now packaged as video files) for offline viewing as well as allowing users to star their favorite episodes for repeat viewing.

  • all_episodes
  • language_selection
  • faith_chinese
  • faith_italian
  • my_episodes

For the app, we also introduced the idea of “Collections”, groupings of thematically-related episodes that could be explored in sequence, providing another level of organization to the 100 episodes in the series.

  • collections_2