We designed and animated an opening title sequence for this Netflix documentary about stand-up comedian Tig Notaro, creating a moving scrapbook with photographs from her childhood.

  • Opening title sequence

The doc portrays the year in Tig’s life after her now-famous 2012 set at Largo, in which she honestly and hilariously recounted a series of personal tragedies, culminating in her breast cancer diagnosis. Because there is no video footage from that night, the film’s producers approached us to come up with something to show onscreen as the audio from the set plays. After struggling to find a solution that detracted from neither the humor nor the gravity of her words, we decided to literally spell the whole thing out using expressive typography, and superimposed it on barely visible black and white images of Tig on stage.

  • Excerpts of Tig’s Largo set, featured throughout the film