Not That Kind of Girl

Random House published Lena Dunham’s book of personal essays, Not That Kind of Girl, in October 2014, and it debuted at #2 on The New York Times Bestseller list. Along with its cover, CHIPS designed a variety of materials relating to the collection, which somewhat facetiously presents itself as an “advice book,” taking inspiration from the book covers of Helen Gurley Brown, along with classic feminist works and essay collections of the 1970s.

  • Lena Book Cover

    Book cover for Not That Kind of Girl

The general concept for the cover was in place when we designed the initial proposal, but it went through several variations before settling into its eventual pink-and-black look.

  • lena proposal

    Cover for original book proposal. (2012)

  • lena rejected covers

    Rejected “pattern” versions of the cover.

The slightly vintage all-typographic design proved to be indelible throughout the release, popping up all over social media, and being translated (some times more faithfully than others) along with the text inside, for several foreign editions.

  • Lena Dunham Foreign Editions

    Foreign editions of Not That Kind of Girl. Clockwise from top left: Spanish, Finnish, German, Danish, Swedish, Portugese.

  • lena instagram

We designed and developed a playful new website for Lena using Joana Avillez‘s illustrations from the book, and made a title sequence for Ask Lena, a YouTube series in which Lena answers questions submitted by fans.

  • Opening title for Ask Lena, Lena Dunham’s YouTube advice series.

Lena teamed up with Planned Parenthood during the Not That Kind of Girl book tour, participating in events with them in nine cities. We designed a few items to commemorate their partnership, including a Lena ♥ Planned Parenthood tee.

And the cherry on top: the http 404 error page on Lena’s website.