The Sun Is Also A Star

We designed opening and end titles, and worked with director Ry Russo-Young and editor Joe Landauer to create five graphic sequences for this teen drama based on the novel by Nicola Yoon (a finalist for the 2016 National Book Award). Our second collaboration with Russo-Young, after Nobody Walks.

  • TSIAAS Main Title

    Opening title

  • “Theory of Multiverse” graphic sequence

  • TSIAAS What Does America Mean
  • TSIAAS anti government activities
  • TSIAAS South Korea Map
  • TSIAAS Planets
  • TSIAAS Billion Years Ago
  • TSIAAS Korean Names
  • TSIAAS Korean Names 2
  • TSIAAS 1960
  • TSIAAS Black hair care business
  • TSIAAS World Leaders

    Various screens from graphic sequences

  • TSIAAS Baby Name Book
  • TSIAAS Main Title 2
  • TSIAAS Main Titles 2

    Main on end titles

  • TSIAAS Main Titles 1