Golden Exits

Opening and end title design, and theatrical poster for Alex Ross Perry’s new movie. Our third collaboration with the director after Listen Up Philip and Queen of Earth.

  • Main on end titles

Starring Emily Browning, Adam Horovitz,  Mary-Louise Parker,  Lily Rabe,  Jason Schwartzman, Chloë Sevigny, Analeigh Tipton
Sundance, 2017
Vertical Entertainment

  • Golden Exits Main Title

    Main title

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  • Golden Exits 5
  • Golden Exits 6

    Main on end titles

  • Golden Exits 7

We also designed a few props for the movie, including covers for New Colloquy, the magazine founded by the deceased father of the characters Alyssa and Gwen.

  • Golden Exits 9
  • New Colloquy 1
  • New Colloquy 2
  • New Colloquy 3

We completed the logo for the recording studio run by Buddy. (The dinosaur drawing in the center is courtesy of the film’s art department.)

  • Golden Exits 10
  • recordosaurus trax

If you’re looking closely, you might catch Nick reading the latest from Ike Zimmerman, the surly novelist at the center of Listen Up Philip.

  • Golden Exits 8
  • the kid in the castle

As with Perry’s previous films, illustrator Anna Bak-Kvapil created original art for the theatrical one sheet. We did the type layout.

  • Golden Exits Poster

    Theatrical one sheet