Aug 14 2016Seinfeld portraits

Aug 12 2016Institute for advanced drinking

Rum Trader is a tiny, dark Tiki bar in Berlin. It’s been there since 1976. Outside, there is a thick yellow door frame with rounded corners and a modest sign, but unless you know what you’re looking for you’ll probably miss it. Inside, there are only 13 seats. If you want to get in, you have to ring the bell, at which point the proprietor will answer and if the place is full, or if he doesn’t like the look of you, probably turn you away.

Aug 11 2016Jimmy Carter’s Cheese Ring

Found at Blue Crab Antiques, Anapolis, MD: How to Cook Reagan’s Goose: A Political Cookbook Serving Up Democratic Delectables & Republican Inedibles, 1984. A Publication of the Woman’s National Democratic Club. Recipes include Jimmy Carter’s “Plains Special” Cheese Ring, reproduced below:

According to White House Social Secretary Gretchen Poston, this unassuming-sounding recipe was a sure-fire favorite with the White House guests.

1 pound grated sharp cheese
1 cup finely chopped nuts
1 cup mayonnaise
1 small onion, finely grated
black pepper
dash cayenne
strawberry preserves (optional)

Mix all ingredients. Mold with hands into desired shape. (The Carters mold into a ring). Place in refrigerator until chilled. Can be served with center filled with strawberry preserves as an appetizer with crackers, or as a complement to a main course.

Aug 10 2016Good netiquette

Jeff Bridges, Oscar-winning actor, has a personal website, designed — drawn, really — and updated by himself. He posts reliably. When he has a new movie out in theaters, he links to the trailer. When he has a photo exhibition, he links to the details. There is a page devoted to his non-profit organization, the End Hunger Network. There is a store, where you can purchase Jeff Bridges albums, and there are multiple galleries of really nice black-and-white behind-the-scenes photographs, taken by Jeff Bridges. There is this short note, on the homepage:

Some dude has been posting as me on the Guest Book & Message Board. I don’t plan to communicate that way so any postings from ‘me’ on there are fake. Please use good netiquette, guys.

Aug 9 2016Your American Yardstick

Cover of Hamilton Abert Long’s Your American Yardstick: 12 Basic American Principles, 1963.

Aug 8 2016Pool paintings

Man Ray, La Fortune, 1938
Robert Tanenbaum, Poster for The Color of Money, 1986

Aug 7 2016Emoji emoji

Sketch for a killed book cover.

Aug 5 2016Not a ticket

The back of the Metro North ticket receipt is an unexpected thing of beauty. (Thanks to Michael Brenner for the tip.)

Aug 4 2016Deadheads for Obama

Some faves from Political Parade, all available for sale.

Aug 3 2016We kid you not.

Real covers from real books donated to The Book Thing, the glorious house of free books in Baltimore, which recently closed due to fire damage. Taken from the “fun stuff” column on their website.  They vow to reopen in the fall.

Also worth a look is their FAQ. A snippet:

Are the books really free?
Is there a limit to how many books I can take?
You can only take 150,000 per day, per person.