Choco Chair, 1967


Sep 26, 2016

There is an article in this week’s T Magazine, the crux of which is that the work of Trix and Robert Haussmann is not known or praised as widely as it should be. We gathered some pics from around the web to supplement the argument. Their more patently absurd pieces, like the chair that looks like melting chocolate or the dresser drawers that open from an ionic column, are really fun, but we especially love the subtle weirdness of their Chesterfield furniture. The juxtaposition of button tufting and tubular steel legs is just off-kilter enough to be truly unsettling.

Trio, 1967

Sideboard Intarsia, 1992

Sideboard Stripes, 1988

Lobby chairs, 1960s

Haussmann 310 Armchair, 1962

Lehrstueck, 1983-84

Lehrstück-II, 1978

Interior, Kronenhalle bar, Zurich, 1965