John Baldessari, Brain/Cloud (With Seascape and Palm Tree), 2009

Brain Cloud

Sep 27, 2016

JOE: Is there something wrong with my blood or urine or…?
DOCTOR: No, they’re fine. But there is something.
JOE: Tell me.
DOCTOR: You have a brain cloud.
JOE: A brain cloud.
DOCTOR: There’s a black fog of tissue running right down the center of your brain. It’s very rare. It will spread at a regular rate. It’s very destructive.
JOE:  And it’s incurable.
JOE: How long?
DOCTOR: Six months. You can pretty much count on it being about that. It’s not painful. Your brain will simply fail. Followed abruptly by your body. You can depend on at least four and half or five months of perfect health.

From Joe Versus the Volcano, 1990.