Mar 31 2019Intertitles in SINGLES

May 16 2018Free logo for your Big Lebowski fan club

Found on page 241 of an 1892 Specimen book published by Palmer & Rey type founders. The full text reads Honor the Dude King, probably a reference to Evander Berry Wall, who, according to Wikipedia, was “a New York City socialite… famous for his extravagantly refined look  and was crowned ‘King of the Dudes’ in the 1880s.”

Apr 29 2018Posters for Bill Forsyth movies

Feb 16 2018Tanlines Presents

Our friends in Tanlines, Eric and Jesse, are both stay-at-home dads. They released a new EP of kids music today, covers of classics like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Row Your Boat”. Listen to it here. As with their previous album cover, we helped out by putting tiny type in the corners. The photo, which is not of their kids but just two kids that sort of look like them, was taken by Jenny Hueston.

Jul 27 2017Our Town

Playbill for the 1988-89 Broadway revival of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, in which Spalding Gray played the Stage Manager.

Jul 20 2017Freud Pelican Library

Jul 17 2017Books within books

First US Edition

Jul 14 2017Colors & objects

A collage of screenshots from the Wikipedia pages Gold (color), Coral (color), Eggplant (color), Bronze (color), Salmon (color), Rose (color), and Orange (colour).

Jul 12 2017True commitment